Taurus: Remove Your Karmic Residue

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I have been at my house for 4 years how which is a long time for me. I do have pets in my home which does make me feel better — but there is always that feeling that I will have to leave again. Thank-you for this article. Or, like You Said, there is a feeling that I will have to leave again. Thank You for Sharing!!! I always feel like if I passed away, no one would even notice. Chiron in the 4th House. About Latest Posts. Xaos is the author of all astrological articles available on The Astro Codex. Chiron in the 4th House was last modified: March 15th, by Xaos.

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Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. This is unbelievably spot on for me. Vote Up 8 0 Vote Down Reply. February 24, am. Vote Up 4 0 Vote Down Reply. April 14, pm. With the development of self-discipline and a higher consciousness, you have the opportunity to balance much negative karma.

The higher self [or Soul] is the wisdom energy that is the integrating spiritual force of each lifetime…. Each individual lifetime is a journey of ensoulment, of activating, embodying, and radiating out of the higher self. Understanding metaphysical wisdom is likely one of your talents. You cannot rest until you find the Truth that satisfies your thirst and when you do, you want to share it with others.

Even though Higher Thought is natural for you, your Chirotic crisis always involves attuning to and resonating with your Soul. Learning to resonate with your Ascendant energy can be helpful in achieving attunement with your Soul. Study your Ascendant again. Imbalances can be pronounced, thus the need to learn balance. Achieving a balance with your Opposite or Polarity Sign energy is a prerequisite to Wholeness and attunement with your Soul.

The 10 th house will always be a driven house because that is where we get the planetary juice, but it only becomes a sacred power if we are prepared to give it all away. You have authority, but may be hesitant to take it on; you possess power, but using it may create conflicts within you. You, as a Master Warrior, treat women and men as equals. Your opportunity to master power is a sacred gift … it is your birthright.

It is important to view all positive activities as talents … you have a role to play within the divine plan and whatever you have to offer is your talent, your divinely planned gift. Study your 11 th house, the zodiac sign on its cusp, the planets or lack of planets in it—to begin the journey of discovery of your unique talents.

The individual may also be a gifted healer—one who may use art for healing. With no planets in the 11 th house, this individual will have little problem in understanding and using talents for the world-at-large. The highest level of expression for any talent is that you recognize that the power comes through you and you simply allow it to flow. Examples can be consciously allowing the food you cook to be filled with the love vibration as it flows through you. You may garden with the devas, or fairies, by being conscious of their presence with you and seeking their help.

Findhorn Garden in Scotland originated with a family working consciously with the angels to grow food in rocky soil and harsh weather. You want to probe into life, to study subjects in an in-depth fashion. You will coming into your own with the New Aquarian Age because you possess the talent to be a treasure house of esoteric knowledge. You like to be alone so you can enjoy the inner world of knowing. You are to learn to trust your own inner guidance and inner knowing. You incarnated to fulfill a high purpose in the Aquarian Age; therefore, spiritual maturity earned by overcoming the challenges in your life prepares you for your mission.

Until you feel that you know who you truly are, you will be restless. You are a trailblazer, with Warrior energies. Warrior energies are not warring energies; instead, they are to be used to express the Arian power in positive, pioneering, and meaningful ways.

Chiron in Astrology

An Aries whose power is stifled is prone to suffer cancer. Aries need to be active. You are talented in manifesting resources from other people and can stretch these resources wisely. The warning with this placement is that you not become stuck in a value system that has outlived its meaningfulness. Study it again. Bizarre sexual habits may be present, unless you understand the sexual energy is creative energy and is present to be used with balance. You are a stabilizing factor within society in that your contribution is a talent for creating good out of what already exists, rather than being inventive.

Therefore, we can change our reality with our thoughts. Thus, you can feel very threatened by the chaos presently occurring on Earth. You may feel intense insecurity. Letting go of a structured environment is difficult as you see the changes taking place on our planet. It is important for you to understand that what you focus your attention on manifests in your life. Meanwhile, [you] will either be desperately seeking a means for real security or [you] will have [your] crab shell around [yourself] and be hiding. Involvement in natural healing techniques that bring forth the deepest of wounds and assist the patient in releasing that inner pain may interest you.

Scorpio Chiron

This can be a very traumatic struggle, but well worth the effort. Study your 5 th house and the type of creative efforts indicated there. You are developing personal empowerment through creativity—understanding that you are a co-creator with the Universe. You are naturally intuitive and need a strong sense of your egoic self in order to enter the higher vibrational world of the intuitive planes.

In other words, you need to know who you truly are and to feel empowered to be your authentic Self. The creative process must be honored. As you can move beyond the egoic self, you can become a gift to our world through the high use of your will power and creativity. On the personality level, you may tend to compulsive and desire a firm structure within which to live and work.